Investing with Mountain Investment

Investing with Mountain Investment


Mountain Investment is a Mortgage Investment Corporation, a corporate structure that enables investors to participate in a diversified portfolio of real estate mortgages. This diversification can provide a strong return while managing the risk associated with holding a single mortgage. The business model is quite simple. Investors purchase equity shares of the corporation and management lends this pool of capital through interest-earning real property mortgages. The mortgage investment corporation then distributes revenue earned from mortgage interest through dividends to shareholders.

Mortgage Investment Corporations lend to people who are unable to access the prime credit market for a variety of reasons, including credit history, job stability and non-verifiable income. Unlike prime market lenders, Mortgage Investment Corporations assign higher weight to a person’s assets when deciding whether or not to lend. These individuals borrow money from private lenders like Mountain Investment at higher interest rates to compensate the lender for the increased risks and administration costs associated with the borrower’s credit history and other limiting factors. Mountain Investment is mainly involved in second mortgages, which offer higher rates of return and correspondingly higher risk.

Why invest in a Mortgage Investment Corporation?


As a result of the narrow lending practices of major Canadian lending institutions, there is a private lending market where borrowers pay higher rates of interest to obtain credit. Mountain Investment helps to meet steady demand for mortgage-backed loans in the private lending market at attractive rates of return for the investor. Risk is managed through loan security, conservative lending practices and management investment. However, there are inherently higher risks in investing with a Mortgage Investment Corporation compared to other investment options. These risks are discussed in the Questions section of this website.

An experienced, capable investment team


The team at Mountain Investment is committed to achieving the best possible return for investors. The company’s Directors collectively have over 30 years’ experience in private lending and business, along with significant legal and business experience in real property investment and development. In addition, the interests of Management, the Board, the Directors and shareholders are closely aligned through our equity ownership and compensation structure.